Stem Cells Might Save Our Horrible Old Lady Eggs

02/27/2012 12:29 PM |

This might be where babies come from, in the future.

  • This might be where babies come from, in the future.

Good news, ladies who still kind of can’t believe that anyone gets their shit together to have a kid before 45: some scientists may have found a way to make us more eggs. It’s too soon to know if the research is that promising, which is great because it gives us all a few more years of boozing and eating delicious mercury-laden fishes.

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital say they have extracted stem cells from human ovaries and made them generate egg cells. The advance, if confirmed, might provide a new source of eggs for treating infertility, though scientists say it is far too early to tell if the work holds such promise.

Dr. Tilly and colleagues wrote that their work opens up “a new field in human reproductive biology that was inconceivable less than 10 years ago,” and that access to the new cells will make possible novel forms of fertility preservation.

Yay? If that doesn’t pan out we can always adopt, I suppose. Or adopt dogs! Let’s make a pact: if we’re both 45 and neither of us has a dog yet, let’s adopt a dog together, okay?