That Terrorized Mercedes From Kanye West and Jay-Z’s “Otis” Video Is Being Auctioned For Charity

02/24/2012 12:29 PM |


If you were one of the people who shrieked and covered your eyes when Jay-Z and Kanye West delightedly ripped apart a nearly $400,000 Maybach Mercedes for their “Otis” video, you can feel a lot better about watching it now. The repurposed, door-less shell of what once was one of the fanciest cars on the planet is being auctioned for an estimated $100,000-$150,000 at famed art auction house Phillips de Pury on March 8. All six figures will go to the Save the Children foundation, which provides aid, healthcare and education to the most underserved populations worldwide.

Simon de Pury, who plays the Tim Gunn mentor character in Bravo reality series Work of Art: The Next Great Artist in addition to chairing Phillips de Pury, had this to say in a press release:

“Jay-Z and Kanye West are towering figures in contemporary culture. They have greatly contributed to the artificial barriers between art, music, fashion and cinema to come down. Their video for ‘Otis’ became an instant classic. The Maybach they have transformed for it has the starring role.”

I cannot wait until someone takes this thing for a test drive down the West Side Highway. In the meantime, watch the “Otis” video and a clip of Mr. Simon de Pury talking about Next Great Artist after the jump. All this will buy L Mag managing editor Mike Conklin more time to go hunting in his couch cushions for that auction money.

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