The New York Times Just Got A Facebook Timeline

02/29/2012 10:40 AM |


Who said newspapers were old-fashioned? Even though it’s been a little more than five months since Facebook introduced the uncomfortably comprehensive Timeline feature for users to subtly peer pressure each other into using, the contingent of holdouts has been strong. The New York Times was one of them, until Wednesday morning, when it converted its Facebook account to display its 161 year history on Timeline.

The New York Times would have had to switch to the new interface at some point anyway, as Facebook announced last month that all users wouldn’t have an option to hide from the brave, new Timeline reality anymore in the coming weeks. But instead of choosing to go with the default format, the Gray Lady decided to expand her timeline to include content since her 1851 conception. That means if you “like” the New York Times on Facebook, you can scan headlines from 1865, when Lincoln was assassinated, see a photograph of a linotype operator at the paper in 1960, and review all the paper’s status major status updates before, in between and after.

This is a much better use of your time than using Timeline to track the progression of that one person who teased you in grade school get fat, right? Right.

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