The Voice Comes to Its Senses, Gives Up Lawsuit Over Use of “Best of NYC”

02/01/2012 1:20 PM |


Relax, guys. We can now return to writing the phrase “best of NYC” freely — I might even spray paint it on my bedroom wall for kicks — as the Village Voice and Time Out New York are closing in on a settlement over the latter’s use of the phrase, paidContent reports.

If you recall, a lawsuit arose last fall when the Voice sued rival city publication Time Out over repeated use of the phrase in its November 3 “Best of NYC 2011” issue, claiming it infringed upon the Voice‘s trademarked rights sans permission and demanded all profits from the issue be handed over, as well as all remaining issues to be “destroyed or surrendered.”

News of the settlement comes two weeks after Time Out attempted to deprive the Voice of its trademark right with a countersuit, asserting the phrase is “merely descriptive, if not generic.” As Mark pointed out, New York, who has annually published a “Best of New York” issue since 1985, managed to dodge the bullet in all this, as well as us here at The L when we more or less stopped caring about Manhattan and decided to go with “Best of Brooklyn.” Good move, guys!

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