Valentine’s Day Is Getting The Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment, With Complimentary Hershey’s Kiss

02/10/2012 12:30 PM |

If you go, you can say you made out on top of one of these.

  • If you go, you can say you made out on top of one of these.

Everyone knows Valentine’s Day is a bunch of crap, so why not spend it at a sewage treatment facility in Greenpoint? The Newtown Creek Wastewater treatment plant is offering special tours for lovers through its egg-shaped digesters, which “act like a human stomach and break down the noxious waste into harmless sludge and gas.”

“Just imagine going home and saying, ‘Where did he take me on Valentine’s Day? I went to see the digester eggs in Greenpoint, Brooklyn,” plant superintendent Jim Pynn told the Daily News.

In 2010, the EPA decided Newtown Creek, the four-mile waterway adjacent to the plant, was contaminated by enough pesticides, metals, P.C.B.’s and volatile organic compounds to give it federal Superfund site status.

“We end [the tour] on top of the digester eggs with not only a beautiful view of the Manhattan skyline, but the entire 53-acre Newtown plant,” Pynn said.

But, shit, here’s the best part: If you go to the plant on Valentine’s Day, you’ll receive a complimentary Hershey’s Kiss. Screw roses and Max Brenner’s; V-Day 2012 is all about the sewage treatment tour.

[via the NY Daily News]

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