Visiting a Williamsburg Bar That’s Been Closed Since 1993

02/28/2012 2:15 PM |


Scouting NY recently gained access to the boarded up building on the corner of Berry and N. 5th, which turns out to have been Gallagher’s Ship’s Mast, a dive popular with middle-aged artists in the 80s; it closed in the early 90s following a dispute with the landlord about rent. (The owner’s wife told the Times it was personal—the owner’s landlady was his ex.) It was sealed up and largely untouched: the big old wooden bar is still there, as are old posters, decorations, kitchen stuff, a Post-It note (still stuck to the wall!), a free calendar from 1987, and a marker-board declaring where and when the next court date would be. That court date didn’t go so well; the Ship’s Mast was evicted in 1993, but not before nine people were arrested trying to prevent city marshals from enforcing the eviction order.

Check out the copious photos at Scouting NY.

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