Who Can Love the Hardest for Five Minutes? Short Film The Love Competition Finds Out

02/17/2012 9:10 AM |

Perhaps it would’ve been appropriate to have posted this three days ago, but, screw it, you don’t need a designated day to think about love, as the age-old anti-Valentine’s Day argument goes. I hesitate to give too much away about the above clip, will leave it at this: It’s a documentary short from Brent Hoff, editor of McSweeney’s DVD spin-off Wholphin, in which he teams up with neuroscientists at Stanford University to find out what happens when seven contestants enter the first-ever love competition and are tasked with “loving someone as hard as they can” for five minutes. It will make you feel good inside. Like knowing otters hold paws at night to keep them from drifting away.

For a different kind of experience, Hoff is also responsible for the short film The Crying Competition, which leads us to believe he feels deeply and is a fan of Bon Iver.

[via McSweeney’s/Wholphin]

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