Your 5-Item Dre Day Shopping List

02/17/2012 9:57 AM |

I gotta go do my Dre Day shopping.

  • “I gotta go do my Dre Day shopping.”

Tomorrow Andre Romelle Young, aka Dr. Dre, turns 47, and much the same way some people celebrate Bloomsday or Burns Night, we plan to celebrate Dre Day (there’s even an honest-to-goodness Dre Day party at Tammany Hall). But wait, you can’t just show up to a Dre Day party and recite a few bars of his (ghostwritten) poetry—although you should do that, but don’t plan on reading his verse from Jay-Z’s “The Watcher 2,” I called that one 364 days ago. Here are a few Dre Day essentials you’ll need to bring.

Top-Grade Cali Kush: We don’t really need to explain this, do we?

Gin and Juice: Just as Dr. Dre provided the beat for Snoop’s second smash hit (and his first, for that matter), you should bring your own gin and juice to any Dre Day party. As Snoop says, “you gotta get yours but fool I gotta get mine.”

Beats by Dre Headphones: Nowadays Dre spends more time hawking headphones than making music, but these headphones are actually pretty dope. (Also, note the hilarity of the above ad, in which seven-year-old boy Dr. Dre pelts unsuspecting people in the head with balloons full of paint; what a dick!)

Round-Trip Ticket to and Straight Outta Compton: Because like Dre’s career, every Dre Day party begins by coming straight out of Compton.

Diggity: Because no Dre Day party really gets going until the diggity runs out. Once there’s no diggity, there’s no doubt.

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