14 Things I Learned about Brooklyn from Oxygen’s Reality Show, Brooklyn 11223

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03/26/2012 3:26 PM |


Tonight is the series premiere of Oxygen’s Brooklyn 11223, a show just as obnoxious as its “This Ain’t Jersey” tagline would have you believe. The series focuses on Christie, who believes that her former BFF, Joey Lynn, slept with her now ex-boyfriend, and follows the two women and their respective crews throughout Gravesend, Bay Ridge, and Coney Island. It’s well shot, and certainly more Brooklyn than 2 Broke Girls, but the premise rests entirely on whether you care about forced relationship drama and loud conversations paired with Coronas, which I don’t.

However, because it was shot in Brooklyn, I’m still fascinated by it, which is why I watched the first episode (available on Hulu) and noted 14 things that 11223 taught me.

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