A Housewarming Note To Ann Hathaway, Our New Dumbo Neighbor

03/16/2012 2:45 PM |

Come say hi sometime?

  • Come say “hi” sometime?

Hey Anne,

We heard that you were moving to 1 Main Street, down the block from our office in Dumbo, and we couldn’t help but reach out. See, ever since you gave hope to nerdy people with big mouths and bad hair days everywhere by playing Mia Thermopolis in The Princess Diaries, we’ve been enthusiastic supporters of your awesomeness. And that speech you gave about supporting your gay brother and the LGBT community for The Human Rights Campaign? Spot on, heartfelt and utterly moving. We were also especially tickled to learn that you would be playing Catwoman, instead of a regular ol’ starlet who would probably reienforce negative gender stereotypes. Not you, though. You rule.

Anyways, we’re super excited at the prospect of maybe hopefully potentially standing behind you in line while you order a lox-less bagel (because you don’t eat meat) from La Bagel, or catching you applying SPF 60 sunblock on the Dumbo beach to maintain your impossibly perfect complexion. But, I mean, if you ever, er, maybe kinda want to leave your cool-looking apartment to, dunno, hang out with your neighbors, here is a list of reasons why you should drop by our place:

1) We have an office dog named Theo.
2) Sometimes our publisher buys us pizza, and sometimes it is from Grimaldi’s.
3) You can join our March Madness bracket competition.
4) You can help us make witty, Brooklyn-related lists.
5) Did we mention we think you’re really smart and cool?

That’s all we’ve got. Maybe we can take it slow and start the beginning of a wonderful friendship on Twitter?

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