A Warholian World of Cosmetics

03/23/2012 10:38 AM |

Whats orange juice got to do with this?

  • What’s orange juice got to do with this?

Isn’t the whole ’15 minutes of fame’ adage tired enough already? Yes or no, it is of course revisited in a recent announcement of something that may or may not be worth its weight in diatomaceous earth (or whatever makeup is made of these days):

Warhol-inspired cosmetics.

Manufactured by Nars Cosmetics, the perhaps-tasteful-perhaps-not product, Nars Andy Warhol, is pitched as a “strategic collaboration”—big surprise there—between François Nars and the Andy Warhol Foundation, which maybe has more time for such teamwork now that they’re no longer authenticating the artist’s artworks.

At any rate, the aim of the makeup line is to “evoke the cool, image-rich, character-laden world of Warhol in a limited edition collection said to showcase innovative packaging, formulas and shades.”

Neat, I suppose, especially if such evocation allows one to easily assume a truly physical physiognomy of Mao wallpaper. If so, even I’d be ready to queue up.

But as for the latter ‘innovations’ in the product’s design, wouldn’t a new line of anything seek to achieve such things? Immortal-celebrity-related or not?

Well, I don’t know. I’ve certainly little knowledge of makeup manufacturing or the mores of marketing.

But I do know one thing, thanks to my friend Charles at Left Bank Art Blog:

It might be a good idea for them to make a shade of something called Orange Juice.

Seems the artist guzzled quite a lot of it while gazing about.

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