As Promised, This 2003 Fluxblog Mix Is Bonkers

03/01/2012 9:45 AM |

Cheers, 2003

  • Cheers, 2003

When we spoke to Fluxblog creator Matthew Perpetua last month about the tenth anniversary of his influential mp3 blog and the year-by-year mega-mixes he was compiling to celebrate the milestone, he set a high bar for the eventual epicness of the 2003 entry. The 8-disc ’03 retrospective went live this morning, and now that it’s been posted, it’s just…damn.

It’s so much easier to wrap your arms around a mass of information in retrospect, and it certainly won’t help our continuing nostalgia epidemic to get all misty eyed about the early 00s, but there’s just so much great stuff going on here. “Heartbeats”! “Hey Ya”! “Yeah”! “99 Problems”! “Seven Nation Army”! “Crazy in Love”! “Milkshake”! “Maps”! The year featured the debuts of Arcade Fire, M.I.A., M83, and TV on the Radio; Animal Collective starting on their tribal vision quest; Britney Spears’ one true moment of art-pop clarity; Fiery Furnaces before they went super-prog; New Pornographers at peak catchiness; Broken Social Scene at peak dreaminess; Kanye taking the stage; and extended plateau cuts from 90s indie heavyweights like Cat Power, Guided by Voices, and Belle and Sebastian. And this is not even getting to the weirder blips. Whoever Dog Ruff was giving Black Sabbath”Iron Man” and Suicide’s “Ghost Rider” a run for their money in the songs based on Marvel Comics’ characters with “Jon E. Storm”. Mu’s “Let’s Get Sick”! “Danger! High Voltage!” The Unicorns, everybody. THE UNICORNS!

I’ve mentioned not even one-tenth of this thing. Clear your calendar. Shut down Spotify.