Barclays Center to Sell “Brooklynized” Water from Florida

03/21/2012 1:35 PM |


Arena goers at the Barclays Center will presumably be able to get Brooklyn water right out of the bathroom taps. But they will also be able to buy “Brooklyn water” made by a company in Florida that uses a special filtration process said to make the water taste like Brooklyn water—which, of course, is the same water you get anywhere in the city—though this is currently the subject of a lawsuit. “The exclusive bottled water destined for the Barclays Center comes from The Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Company, based in Boca Raton,” Atlantic Yards Report reports. It’s part of the same company as The Original Brooklyn Water Bagel Co., which Larry King has a stake in; it makes bagels in Florida using this “Brooklyn water”—said to have been Brooklynized, which is a trademarked term—since it’s said to be the water that gives Brooklyn bagels their taste advantage. (This is actually only a little true, maybe.)

Why stop at water? I hope everything at the Barclays Center is Brooklynized! Nachos! Beer! Basketballs! Maybe Larry King can come and perform the Brooklynizations, like a priest consecrating the wine.

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  • Why not support a local company? Arizona iced tea makes bottled water for instance and they are actually based in NYC.