Behind the Scenes: 6 Sex-Related How It’s Made Videos

03/26/2012 2:34 PM |


Everybody always SAYS you don’t want to know how the sausage is made, but if that’s true, why has that How It’s Made been on the science channel for like ten seasons? And what if the sausage is a sex sausage? And what if instead of a sex sausage, it is a tour of a condom factory, plus five other videos of how your sex stuff is made, ranging in professionalism from some guy making a fuck machine in his garage to a very overenthusiastic tour of the Fleshlight factory? Go ahead and assume these are all NSFW, by the way, if you W in a place that frowns on Fleshlight manufacture.

1. A Tour of the Trojan Factory

This announcer is VERY enthusiastic about condom use, and may be trying a little too hard to convince us that couples today wear condoms to enhance their pleasure, rather than just keep away babies and diseases. Even so, seeing a condom filled with water and squished by a “strong handed” professional is pretty rad.