Brooklyn-Based Raganella’s Makes Herbal Tea You Can Smoke

03/23/2012 1:01 PM |


Pass the dutchie…or should we say darjeeling? For a city densely populated by orally-fixated smoker types and conscientious granola-munchers alike, there’s no way this can’t be the next big thing. Brooklyn-based company Raganella’s Botanical Solutions has come out with a smokable herbal tea blend called Vivid Visions. And, according to creator Liz Neves, Vivid Visions smokers do experience some good vibrations.

“The main benefit is a shift in your perception. It’s really subtle, but you just see things a little differently,” Neves told Well + Good NYC.

The lavender-flavored blend contains only legal, natural ingredients—there’s no spiked tea here. Vivid Visions contains things like damiana, a natural anti-depressant and relaxant, mugwort, a dream-enhancer, and mullein, a respiratory soother. Half an ounce goes for $5.20 on Etsy, and is “best enjoyed with friends or during sacred ceremonies.”

Heh heh. Okay, pot chuckles aside, check out a video on Liz Neves and her smokable tea featured on Food Curated after the jump.

[via Well + Good NYC]

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