Camel Art Space Gets a New Hump

03/13/2012 1:01 PM |

Bagging it up.

  • Bagging it up.

Geographically bridging the Williamsburg-Bushwick art thoroughfare for several years now, and hosting a great variety of curatorial practices and practitioners all the while, Camel Art Space, currently located at 722 Metropolitan Avenue, is soon to gather up its wares and caravan away.

But not before a final show, Souvenir, takes place.

Opening this Friday and running through the weekend, Souvenir will feature eponymously cherished or inspired items, artworks and mementos furnished by almost forty different artists, so its aesthetic range is sure to run a gamut, and its visio-tactile charms are certain to be many.

That might sound like tip-toeing around a description, I know. Which is fine, as I am indeed on the tips of my toes. One will have to wait until the weekend to taste the pudding, as it were.

In the meantime, co-director Enrico Gomez promises the exhibit to be “a bit serious, a bit funny, probably touching and sometimes even sad,” which seems a very fitting way to bid farewell.

It won’t be all too despairing an affair, however. At least not as lamentable as Putin getting saline over self-sullied electoral conquests, and hopefully not as lachrymose as this ever-loveable downer:

It won’t be that sad, of course, because Camel’s operations aren’t really coming to an end. They’re just moving on to a new caravansary at 1717 Troutman Street, a few steps into Ridgewood, and changing their moniker from circumstantially ungulate to cartographically interpretable, Parallel.

On that note, and anyway, camels have long been part and parcel of nomadic lives.

One doodled whilst awaiting a fact-checking call-back. It turns out Camels new name will not be ichthyological at all.

  • One doodled whilst awaiting a fact-checking call-back. It turns out Camel’s new name will not be ichthyological at all.

Souvenir opens Friday, March 16, from 6-10pm. DJ set by Jams, 8-10pm. Exhibit runs through Sunday the 18th. More info at

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