Decommissioned Staten Island Ferry Now Sinking into Hudson River

03/06/2012 2:33 PM |


A Staten Island ferryboat, decommissioned in 2007, is now tilting sideways into its new home the Hudson River, near Newburgh, the Times Herald-Record reports. The boat, which has several gallons of old fuel that officials do not believe to be a significant environmental threat, began taking on water this weekend. Rescue crews are trying to rightside the sinking ship.

The paper reports:

The Newburgh Fire Department was initially called in to help pump out the leak, according to Fire Chief Robert Bain. “But we told them we couldn’t help. We had pumps for basements, not a 300-by-70-foot ship.”

The ship was bought at auction in 2009 for less than 4 percent of its original price. There were plans to turn it into a dorm, or a lobster restaurant, but they never came to fruition.

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