Did the Pavilion Overbook its Weekend Hunger Games Screenings?

03/26/2012 12:28 PM |


The Hunger Games had a huge opening weekend at the box office—so big, in fact, that theater owners may have oversold tickets to high-demand weekend showings. That’s what allegedly happened at Park Slope’s Pavilion Theater, recently infamous for its poor treatment of the American flag; a reader of the blog Fucked in Park Slope reported that he or she had been turned away from showings for which she or he had bought an advance ticket.

I bought tickets on Thursday and arrived to a Friday screening, on time. Even though I had tickets, I was told I couldn’t get in (they fully admitted that they oversold the show). There was also a woman with four kids who was in the same situation that they turned away, too.

The manager was not really apologetic. They refunded my money, but I was pretty surprised that they weren’t more sympathetic (they were just like, “Yeah, we oversold the show. Here’s a refund.” I also had to demand the refund—they definitely didn’t offer it).

Look on the bright side, anonymous accuser—at least you didn’t get bedbugs.