Even Worse Than Transvaginal: A New Low in Abortion-Restricting Legislation

03/20/2012 11:30 AM |


Every time I think I’ve heard the worst possible proposed legislation to restrict access to abortions, I keep reading and find something even more awful. Not that it’s a contest—I certainly don’t mean to be like quit bitching, Texas, someone has it worse than you so close your eyes and deal with it. But holy wow this is terrible. Lawmakers in Tennessee are proposing publishing the names of abortion providers on their website, along with EXTENSIVE DEMOGRAPHIC INFORMATION ABOUT INDIVIDUAL ABORTION SEEKERS. Yeah.

Opponents are also concerned that the bill would effectively disclose the identities of some women who have abortions in small, rural communities. The information to be made public includes the woman’s age, race, county, marital status, number of children, number of former pregnancies and education level, as well as the location of the procedure.

Representative Gary Odom(D-Nashville) stated, “This is a dangerous piece of legislation,” telling the Huffington Post, “It puts a target on women’s and physicians’ backs.”

No fucking shit, Rep. Odom! How the HELL is publishing these women’s private MEDICAL HISTORIES online even in the realm of constitutional? Much less justifiable as anything other than shaming and/or setting them up for vigilante retribution. Jesus H. People’s lives are at stake. With all that info and the scary obsessiveness of the anti-choice people, even in a not-that-small town it should not be hard to figure out who has recently had an abortion. It’s bad enough that abortion providers, clinic workers, and women’s health care givers have to go to work every day fearing for their lives, now people getting abortions have to worry about being listed in some kind of online hit list? That is sick. Come on Tennessee.