Fiona Apple’s New York Shows on You Tube, Basically in Full

03/28/2012 12:02 PM |


So, while we hate peering at the stage at shows through outstretched arms holding camera phones as much as the next guy, you have to be at least a little impressed by the fact that full concerts now appear online instantly from multiple angles, and…we totally take this for granted. We should remind ourselves every once and while that this is a very new development. So, those Fiona Apple shows from a few days ago that no one could get into, but were effusively praised on the Internet? You can piece them together yourselves via laptop, if you want to. Set lists are everywhere. I assume you are familiar with You Tube?

How long until instant pirate live streams of every sold out show in New York is the norm? Two years? A year? That’s gotta be the next step, right?

And these videos are getting much better. A couple examples to examine…

“Valentine” (new song, @ Music Hall of Williamsburg)

Shaky, sure, but the video quality on this performance of “Valentine,” from the forthcoming Idler Wheel, etc. is actually kind of beautiful and interesting.

“Across the Universe” (Beatles cover, @ Bowery Ballroom)

This one, from the Bowery, lacks the candlelit artiness of the previous clip and there’s some handheld device shakiness, but in terms of picture and sound, how much better can you get? So much better, I’m sure. Looking back in even 5 years, these will seem crazy quaint.

Can someone live-stream a walk through McCarren for me? THANKS. I’m not getting dressed.