How Should You Spend Armory Week in Brooklyn?

03/07/2012 12:19 PM |


Although a few significant art fairs appended to last year’s Armory Week, including NADA, Verge and Pulse, have opted to calendrically migrate from March to May, all of you art lovers and fair-goers still have huge shows aplenty to choose from. Moreover, since it seems that all things fulfilling the criteria of ‘arts related,’ ‘in New York City,’ and ‘occurring between March 8th and March 11th’ somehow carry the tag of ‘Official Armory Week Event’ this year, you also have smaller shows aplenty to choose from, as well as plenty of variably opined must-see lists to tailor your visits. This one at ArtInfo should be thorough enough to leave you very well prepared, not to mention threaded with enough links to inform you further accordingly.

Nonetheless, even that deep listing glosses over a thing or two a bit too quickly. Understandably enough, of course, but at least one of its lacunae is of note. Like the Spice Gallery’s contribution to the weekend’s spread, Arts Not Fair [sic], is dubbed “Brooklyn’s answer to all the Manhattan fair insanity,” but that’s not quite the case.

Or at least, it’s not Brooklyn’s only answer. For also taking place this weekend, on Saturday the 10th, is Beat Nite, a late-night gallery tour in Bushwick that this magazine has already called Brooklyn’s Best Neighborhood-Wide Gallery Night. With many new galleries involved this time around, this seventh iteration of the biannual event certainly ranks as the biggest Beat Nite to date. The big afterparty at English Kills Gallery should top it off properly.

Ergo: Hang out in Bushwick for art and art parties on Saturday. Then hangover at all those fairs elsewhere on Sunday.


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