Introducing the GHOST FACE… Exhibiiiiiit!

03/14/2012 1:50 PM |


It was all too immediate to think first of a certain invocation of Ghostface Killah when learning that Ghost Face is the title of an exhibit opening in a new space on Saturday night. But given the intriguing lineup of artists involved, not to mention the inherent intrigue of the exhibition space itself—the soon-to-be-inaugurated (one opted not to use ‘christened’) Bobby Redd Project Space—it is conceivable that one’s initial mental association with those two words might soon change.

Curated by Dave Bates and billed as a show evoking “a sense of nostalgia, absence or loss through an overabundance of form, including scale, color, iconography and detail,” Ghost Face is intended to reflect the variably spirited and memory-steeped character of its spatial host, a revitalized church and elementary school bearing the formidable architectural designation of Victorian-Gothic. Since the show will apparently stay up all the way through the summer, it makes sense for it to sit peaceably within its surroundings—though the image above does suggest that it might ruffle feathers.

Well, that remains to be seen, but the roster of participating artists would place it within the realm of plausibility: Andrew Ohanesian, Xaviera Simmons, Adam Parker Smith, Brent Owens, Kristof Wickman, William Powhida, Ben Godward, Amy Brener, Don Pablo Pedro, Nathan Gwynne, Audrey Hasen Russell, Fabian G. Tabibian, Fabio Ernesto Corredor and Steven Mykietyn.

One might very well leave deplumed. Perhaps also, if only meta-mnemonically, de-Wu’d.

Join the inaugural congregation at 626 Bushwick Avenue on Saturday, March 16th, from 6pm to midnight. Musical performances by Ice Machine & Swift and Rachel Mason & Little Band of Sailors.

More information on Facebook. Related information on Bushwick Daily.

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