Israeli Airline To Host First National Hamantashen Eating Championship in New York City

03/06/2012 3:15 PM |


The Jewish holiday of Purim is coming up, and given the day’s emphasis on celebratory excess and getting slizzered, it’s surprising that this is the first year on record that someone thought of a national hamantashen eating contest. Hamantashen, of course, are those tender, doughy triangle cookies usually filled with different jams, prepared especially for the holiday. El Al, the national Israeli airline, has decided to give away a free roundtrip ticket to Israel to whoever can down the most in six minutes in New York City on Thursday, March 8.

“This championship will result in the first ever National Hamantaschen Eating Record,” said Todd “The Hungry Genius” Greenwald, chairman of All Pro Eating, stinky cheese eating champion, and emcee of the event, in a press release.

Unfortunately, registration has already been closed, but according to that same release, the gluttony will take place in front of a live audience and streamed on Facebook. If you go to their page now you can already check out one guy eating a box of 20 in under four minutes. L’chaim!

[via Gothamist]