L TV: How To Compost Under Your Sink

03/05/2012 12:55 PM |


Composting, like owning a dog, is an activity some might think isn’t feasible in small New York apartments. But many people do, and they don’t need a compost shack on acres of boundless majesty to recycle and divert food scraps from landfill. It’s actually fairly easy to compost under your sink.

The L met up with Roz and Dominique of Leave It Better, an organization teaching kids in city schools composting and gardening, to learn how to DIY decompose. Classroom compost bins, like a compost bin one might put under a sink, are also known as worm bins. These bins rely on red wiggler worms to digest food scraps and excrete nutrient-rich compost that can then be used for gardening, nourishing street trees, or donating to larger farm-related projects.

Aside from teaching kids how to create the perfect, moist conditions for the worms, Leave It Better also documents the kids’ learning process—Roz and Dominique give the kids, ranging from elementary school age to teens, flip cams in order to interview one another and show off their handiwork. Last year, Leave It Better used this footage to produce a documentary on composting and school gardens called reGeneration—you can watch the trailer, as well as our how-to video, after the jump.

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