Mom, This Is So Unfair: Even Taxis Are Getting iPads

03/02/2012 11:24 AM |


Looks like the days of semi-mandatory Talk Stoop watching are drawing to a close. On Thursday, the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission announced a pilot program to install iPads in the backseats of 30 yellow cabs. The iPad will come with the payment application Square, which allows passengers to pay for cab fare through iPads and iPhones. I would make a joke about the “iCab” here, but DNAinfo beat me to it.

Riders will be able to swipe their credit cards at any time during the ride, all while following their trip on an interactive map. They can also opt to receive a receipt by text or email.

Eventually, the hope is that riders will be able to surf the internet, use apps and play games.

So, it looks like NYC taxi drivers actually don’t like listening to passengers’ relationship/career problems and drunk, backseat, makeout sessions after all. That hurts, a little. But, ultimately this seems like the New York City equivalent to many a suburban soccer mom’s panacea—give the kids Finding Nemo on a screen in the back seat of the minivan, a bag of Doritos, and all is well. All New York City taxi cabs need now is a frozen yogurt/prescription medication dispensary in the backseat, and passengers will be as docile as baby sloths in onesie pajamas.


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