NYC Tourism Targets Twenty-Somethings, Officially Alerts Tourists To The Turkey’s Nest

03/12/2012 3:15 PM |


Last week, NYC & Company (the city’s official tourism and partnership organization) launched an initiative to draw more foreign youths to the city, with a goal of 55 million annual tourists by the year 2015. The program’s site includes a spate of thorough, under-30-friendly neighborhood guides, including, duh, Williamsburg. But if you were hoping that beloved dive the Turkey’s Nest Tavern might eventually allow you to take your styrofoam cups into McCarren Park ever again, this development takes that small sliver of hope, douses it in frozen margarita and grins before setting it alight.

From NYC<30's featured Williamsburg neighborhood guide:

Of course, you’re in Brooklyn for the Brooklyn experience. That’s argument enough to check out Brooklyn Brewery, a local favorite since 1988. There are tours on weekends and a happy hour on Friday nights, when you can drink among the gleaming vats. If even that seems newfangled—as it no doubt does to Bedford Avenue lifers—a few truly old-school spots remain. The Turkey’s Nest Tavern, a grizzled little sports bar, has steadfastly ignored the new wave. It’s a dive bar (not a “dive bar”) where $4 will get you 32 ounces of beer in a Styrofoam cup. That’s four dollars cash, mind you. Pull out a credit card here and the bartender will laugh in your face.

Yes, yes, it’s not like Turkey’s Nest is a huge secret or anything, but at least it seemed to be relatively tourist-free…right? It’s all over now. They outed the $4, 32-ounce beers.

To borrow from The Daily Show, here is your moment of NYC<30 zen:

As you’d expect of any neighborhood enjoying a recent influx of prosperity, Williamsburg has some great shops, too. Don’t be deterred by the Zoolander-ish sylphs stalking up and down Bedford Avenue—there’s actually something for everyone (though a 28-inch waist certainly won’t hurt your odds of finding the latest in denim).

Oy vey.

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  • Why exactly are you mourning? “NYC tourism” has long alerted “tourists” to the Turkey’s Nest. It took some officiating to make it repulsive?

  • As a dude with a 34-inch waist who is apparently either two inches too short or two to four inches too fat per a lot of stores in my own (well, adjacent) neighborhood, I don’t know, that 28-inch-waist thing doesn’t seem remotely inaccurate!

  • @dennissinned It was the grim prospect of an unprecedented flood of tourists to the bar. Perhaps you’re the more reasonable for not caring. Que sera sera.

  • Oh, I’m entirely unreasonable, Mr. Brownstone. I’m simply saying that we should have started caring long before NY Tourism made it “official.”

  • that’s Ms. Brownstone to you, Dennis

  • Turkey’s Nest has always been a repulsive cess pool of racist morons with nothing but contempt for the moronic youth beguiled by shallow signifiers of “real America.” I hope it chokes and dies on a glut of moronic tourists.

    In summary: morons.

  • Jonny, I’m glad you noticed that. It’s come up a couple of times in the past: it always amazed me the tremendum et fascinans that Turkey’s Nest had over some media. Why? I remember as a child being warned by my family whenever we visited McCarren never to turn those corners or walk by there–feel me? I remember some of the more “professional” types, ahem, blogging about how great the place was and their outrage over the Community Board’s heavy-handedness over this “genuine” Brooklyn spot, and I thought, wow. Just wow.