Owners of Luna Park Lease Cyclone for 15 Years

03/02/2012 9:49 AM |


The company that operates recent amusement park addition Luna Park, serves as landlord for the boardwalk businesses, and has been temporary steward of Coney Island’s landmarked Cyclone roller coaster has struck a deal with the city to take long-term control of the ride, the Post reports. Under the new agreement, Zamperla will operate the Cyclone for the next 15 years, expected to net the city, which owns the coaster, $3.5 million.

With its wholesale eviction threats and bully tactics, Zamperla has shown indifference to the romantic allure of Coney Island and its homespun small businesses. But it is now the area’s major player in amusements, so it should come as no surprise that they’ve taken over the Cyclone, which was most recently managed by the Albert family, which owned Astroland.

Last April, the city’s request for an operator to take over the coaster said that the new leaseholder would be expected to replace the ride’s clackety old cars. Enthusiasts worried the coaster would lose its rickety allure with a smoother ride. But the old cars will remain after all, the Post reports. However, earlier this year Zamperla said it would replace portions of the Cyclone’s track so that the coaster would ride “more like a Cadillac than a Jeep”—another way the coaster could be made less fun!