Park Slope Movie Theater Takes Down American Flag Under Pressure

03/06/2012 1:48 PM |

The offending flag, prior to removal

  • The offending flag, prior to removal

After pressure from a local resident—and local media—over an improperly displayed American flag, the Pavilion in Park Slope removed its stars-and-stripes from the large pole that hangs over Prospect Park West, the Park Slope Patch reports. The flag—which touched something below it, was displayed disrespectfully, and was left out at night without a light illuminating it—was a particular bugbear for retired firefighter Jim Rallis, who complained to the theater “incessantly” about the mistreatment for two weeks, before the theater took it down on Sunday.

Patch reports:

An employee climbed a ladder and took the flag off its pole. “They then placed the flag in a crumbled ball and placed it in a bag and threw it from the marquee,” Rallis wrote to Patch in an email. He also mentioned that the flag touched the ground multiple times, another violation of U.S. Flag Code. “What a Disgrace of an operation!!!” Rallis wrote.

This misflown flag was particularly offensive because it fluttered near “Julian Brennan Way,” aka Prospect Park West and 15th Street, which was renamed after a 25-year-old Park Sloper killed in Afghanistan in 2009. It was also visible from Bartel-Prichard Square, which memorializes two Brooklynites killed in W.W. I.

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[photo by Jim Rallis]