Pennsylvania Investigators Refuse Federal Help in Josh Rubin Murder

03/07/2012 10:39 AM |

These men used Rubins credit cards

  • These men used Rubin’s credit cards

Pennsylvania detectives investigating the murder of Ditmas Park cafe owner Josh Rubin have refused federal assistance, the Brooklyn Paper reports—even though the case already stretches across three counties in two states. Rubin went missing on Halloween; his body was discovered the next day off a road in rural Pennsylvania, in the South Whitehall Township, but it took almost two months for it to be identified. So, Rubin was abducted in Brooklyn, dumped in Pennsylvania, and then his credit cards were used 120 miles away in upstate New York’s Woodbury Commons outlet mall. The 36-member South Whitehall Township police force is investigating, but critics think the force can use more help. (It has said the NYPD is assisting with the case, though the NYPD won’t confirm this, perhaps because it’s already in enough hot water for “investigating” across state lines?)

The implicit assumption in South Whitehall’s critics’ arguments is that a small-town police force can’t handle the case. This may or may not be true. But now’s not the time to bicker about who can handle what; it seems like the more help, the better. By involving multiple jurisdictions, the killer or killers may even be manipulating investigators. As a John Jay professor told the paper:

“Once you figured out where the guy was murdered, then a whole lot of options open up… But it could be that somebody was smart enough to realize that by spreading it around multiple jurisdictions nobody was going to pick up on it.”

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