President Obama Burns the Blunt Amendment on His Tumblr

03/01/2012 12:30 PM |

Ya burnt, Blunt Amendment.

  • Ya burnt, Blunt Amendment.

The Blunt Amendment, that shitty add-on to the transportation bill that would allow employers to deny insurance coverage of contraception on moral grounds, is sort of the perfect illustration of the difference between the two (presumptive) presidential candidates.

Mitt Romney couldn’t even remember what it was—yesterday he said he opposed it until somebody reminded him that it’s kind of his party’s bill, at which point he announced that he actually supported it. NBD, just a bill that potentially dramatically affects the lives at least half of the population of the United States, don’t know why he would think it was worth knowing about. He blamed the befuddlement on a “confusing question,” though as the MoJo article I linked to put it:

Now either this whole “war on religion” rhetoric is entirely overblown, or Romney just doesn’t care enough to be minimally conscious of what’s happening on the front lines.

President Obama, meanwhile, posted a fake permission slip for birth control to his tumblr, teasing the Republicans about what a paternalistic, ridiculous piece of legislation it is. Our President has a tumblr! Can we just call this thing now and skip the next 8 months of screaming at each other? Please?