Santigold’s Gorgeous New Video Is Peter Pan Meets Lord Of The Flies

03/01/2012 10:33 AM |


Thank you, thank you, thank you, Santigold, for not making another one of those flashing, neon, green screen videos that might resemble what goes on inside of Daniel Johnston’s head. The video for “Disparate Youth,” another single off of Santigold’s sophomore album, Master Of My Make Believe, could not be more different from the first video she released (although, the part in the “Big Mouth” video where that Lady Gaga mermaid thing got swallowed by a tiger was pretty cool). Instead, “Disparate Youth,” directed by Santigold herself and Sam Fleischner, follows the musician on a spooky quest to an island populated only by young boys. It’s full of beautiful, muted shots of the sea, a colonial estate and island ruins. Master of My Make Believe is set to drop May 1, but in the meantime, watch “Disparate Youth” after the jump.

[via MTV]

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