So You’re Not at SXSW: It’s OK, We’ll Get Through This Together, Right Here in the Greatest City in the World

03/13/2012 12:40 PM |


For those of us who are stuck in New York doing pretty much the same shit we do for the rest of the year—only with fewer emails from publicists—this can be a pretty tough week, as seemingly every person you’ve ever met is in Austin for South By Southwest. Facebook is a minefield, Twitter is straight-up fucking unbearable, and the whole thing is even worse now that all those “social media professionals” are getting in on things too, doing… whatever it is they do. There’s no way around it, really: a bunch of people you like are sitting around getting drunk and eating tacos while you’re home, possibly doing both of those things, but in a far less festive environment. It’s a bummer no matter how you look at it.

But listen: We’re in New York, after all, and while it’s true than there are fewer shows than normal this week, and that the ones that are happening are not exactly going to break the buzz-o-meter, well, there’s still a huge amount of good live music for you to enjoy. Let’s have a look…

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