Stop Everything, There’s A New Beach House Track

03/07/2012 8:59 AM |


After months of “are they or aren’t they coming out with another album?” a new, confirmed Beach House song was released via Twitter a little after midnight. “Myth” starts with a steady, terse clink of cowbell and then slowly lowers itself into the languid and lovely world of Victoria LeGrand’s vocals and Alex Scally’s heavily reverbed guitar. Like the duo’s other work, “Myth” has a density and a sweetness to it that grows upon repeated listening.

Last month, squirmy music blogs jumped the gun, announcing the title of the new Beach House record and a May 15 release date. The label, Sub Pop, neither confirmed or denied this information, but now we have at least one half of the puzzle—the record is indeed called Bloom. For those of you who were sleeping or something when the Twitterverse delivered, “Myth” is streaming from the Beach House website (where you can sign up for a mailing list). Listen after the jump.


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