Sue Simmons Let Go from Local News

03/07/2012 1:11 PM |

Simmons, apologizing for saying fuck on live television

  • Simmons, apologizing for saying “fuck” on live television

Sue Simmons, co-anchor of New York’s NBC News broadcast for the last 32 years, will not have her contract renewed when it expires in June, the Post reports. The four-time Emmy winner and highest paid local newsanchor in the country has been a New York media fixture since 1980, when she started at channel four, along with her colleague Chuck Scarborough. Both are 68 years old; Scarborough’s contract will be renewed another three years.

Many viewers respect Simmons for her knowledge and talents, though she’s also likeable for her saucy personality. In 2009, she admitted on air that she used to anchor in the 80s after a cocktail; she only stopped because it made her eyes look red on television, she said. And the year before, she famously said “fuck” during a short live promo. That, of course, is what we’ll always fucking remember her for.

The Huffington Post has assembled a collection of videos from throughout her career.