Swimming Pool Coming to Brooklyn Bridge Park in July

03/05/2012 8:57 AM |

This is pretty much where the pool will be

  • This is pretty much where the pool will be

A swimming pool will be installed in Brooklyn Bridge Park this July, DumboNYC reports. Park officials approved the pool plan last week, part of a larger compromise brokered last summer by several local politicians, including Daniel Squadron. The Daily News explains:

The pool was added to the park plan as part of a complicated deal struck last year between city officials and local pols to allow housing to be built in the park to generate cash.

“Families can dive right in!” Squadron said. “Brooklyn Bridge Park has already made waves, and this pool is certain to make a splash.” The 1,500 square-foot pool will be on Pier 2 in Brooklyn Heights, and will be three-and-a-half feet deep, the Post reports. It will remain in place for five years and cost close to $200,000; funding has not yet been secured for a permanent pool, or for a totally awesome floating pool that everybody would love.