Terrified of Today’s Solar Storms? Go See Rachel Day’s “Zodiac”

03/08/2012 3:17 PM |

Hey there, whats your sign? The classic question is here ineluctable.

  • Hey there, what’s your sign? The classic question is here ineluctable.

Capitalizing on clement weather with a stroll around town today? If so, and if you think you might find yourself in the general environs of the East Village, we’d like to recommend a fitting visual to augment your thoughts or conversations about last night’s full moon, today’s solar flares, Venus and Jupiter coming into bright convergence this month, International Women’s Day, interstellar interferometry (obviously), and so forth.

In short, pass by Heather’s Bar (506 East 13th Street, between Avenues A and B) to peek through the window at Rachel Day’s Guide to the Zodiac, a colorful collage installation that today, specifically, seems terrifically apropos. If you’re already familiar with this Brooklyn-based artist’s work—you might have seen her collages on the cover of this magazine, in Brooklyn Magazine, in Spoonbill & Sugartown advertisements in The Paris Review, or in several other publications—you’ll be delighted to see it in quite a different setting, and on a quite grander scale. The image above does it little justice, of course.

So stroll by to take a gander for yourself, then maybe go for a palm reading. It seems there are at least several somewhat sought-out seers in the area. If that’s not your thing, well, Heather’s is a bar, and you’re already there.

Should it not be in your stars to check it out today, fret not. My crystal ball shows it remaining on display through the end of the month.

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