The New York Post’s Comments Section Is Out of Control

03/07/2012 3:23 PM |


This morning, the Post published a 125-word story about a rape in Marine Park, in which two men in their 20s “forced their way into a car-leasing business… then pushed the 60-year-old victim into a back room where they assaulted her.”

The two men aren’t described beyond their age—not by their height, not by their weight, and not by their skin color. That last one, of course, is part of a conspiracy. “If theyre black, they can’t give a description except that theyre looking for ‘tall male wearing dark clothes,'” Darwinious Oppenheimer writes. This a common complaint in the Post comment section—that political correctness has run amok. So the commentariat seems to have developed its own code for discussing race.

It seems that many Post commenters often refer to black people now as “Obama supporters,” as in Marc Tirrento’s comment on the Marine Park rape, “Yet two more fine Obama supporters make the news.” (The underlying assumption, of course, would be that they’re black because they’ve committed a crime.) Johnny Q Twoshoes adds: “definitely obummer supporters!” When one commenter asks who would rape a 60-year-old, Paul M. List answers, “The Acorn Kenyan that’s who…”

But if that’s the case, then some politically paranoid commenters may have missed the racial implications of this epithet; they adopted it anyway and ran with it, now just pointing their fingers for all the country’s problems (including random sexual assaults) at all left-leaning types, like the Occupiers. “Just two of your typical Obama-endorsed Occupy Wall Street protesters, I’m sure,” is how Dave Mattheisen describes the rapists. When a man named Putterman insults Mattheisen in response, he replies, “The truth usually does send the Looney Left like Putzerman here into a tizzy.” (The truth!)

nyclposter ties it all together in his comment:

Gee, let me guess, they are Obama voters……typical and expected. OWS was just a test my friends, just wait and see what they have in store for us when their supreme leader O-blame-o gets defeated in November.

This is, please remember, an article about two men who raped a woman in Marine Park.

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  • Every Facebook comment is recorded and duplicated in multiple files, irrespective of the user’s option to delete or even the typical closing of an account. What can be said about this filth in the NY Post but that our words endure to accuse us all.

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  • Pakistan Leather Industry Pakistan’s leather industry is the second largest export industry. In the past 50 years, Pakistan’s leather industry has been rapid development, annual export growth of 11%, at present, the leather industry accounts for 5% of GDP, exports accounted for 7% of total national exports, employees more than 20 million people. There are about 2,500 domestic leather and footwear enterprises. Pakistan because of its high quality leather in the international market enjoys a high reputation. Pakistan’s livestock industry is well developed, for the development of leather industry provides a wealth of raw materials. There are more than 720 Pakistani tannery, where the larger 30 – 50, 150 to 200 medium-sized enterprises, the rest for small businesses, the leather industry employs about 200,000 people. Pakistan’s leather industry to create the industry accounts for approximately 1% of its national economy, the leather industry for nearly 90 percent of products exported in the form of finished products, specific circumstances: the leather industry exports accounted for 7% of total national exports; leather processing industry accounted for the total industry value of 5%. Leather business mainly in Kasur (180 number), Karachi (170) and Sialkot (130 number), which are mainly concentrated in Karachi tannery Korangi industrial area, there is an industrial zone and a leather Institute leather centralized sewage treatment plant (CETP). Tanning industry, the main products are clothing, shoes and other leather, leather chemical materials needed mainly from Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and other countries imported tanning equipment mainly from Italy, France, Germany imports. Of a certain size tannery workers about wages: $ 130 non-skilled workers / month, 160 to $ 200 skilled workers / month, the factory workers have insurance; small tannery workers wages are relatively low, no insurance, welfare measures. As the pre-training to workers, so the fees add up, Pakistan’s relatively high labor costs. Pakistan tanning raw hides mainly from Punjab and Sindh provinces, import raw hides less. Pakistan’s tanning season will last two to three months, during which the production capacity of leather industry to reach nearly 2 times normal. Chrome-tanned leather industry mainly uses leather processing method, however, vegetable tanned and chrome tanning agents combined with vegetable tanning agents also have some tanning application. Groundwater is Pakistan’s main water source of the leather industry. ShafiI Group is Pakistan’s largest tanning groups, the group was founded in 1940, now has four tanneries, two leather garment factory, a chemical plant and a home-made leather shoe, Group sales up $ 80 million, most of which exports to Germany, France, Italy, Japan, China, Far East and America, the main products are sheep leather, cow leather, cow leather uppers. In addition, in Karachi Korangi Industrial cheap designer handbags Area HafeezShafi Leather Co., Ltd., is one of the larger companies in Pakistan, the company produced mainly goats and sheep leather garments, the output reached 22 million square feet / year, although the plant size, but strict factory management, from the wet section in the finishing plant, batching room, arranged orderly, clean the ground, the basic machinery and equipment mainly from Italy, France and other European countries, imports, has strong product development capabilities, in Pakistan, such as HafeezShafi tannery about 10 or so. Tannery pollution In recent years, Pakistan’s leather industry continues to expand, bringing a variety of issues, one of the most important is the environmental pollution problems. The water pollution is the primary challenge facing Pakistan’s leather industry threat. Although the amount of water around the tanneries are not the same, but according to official statistics, the average water consumption per kg of raw hides and skins of about 50 to 60 liters, sometimes up to three times this level. In the absence of pollution before, most of these sewage discharged into rivers without any treatment. While waste emissions from polluting the air, soil, surface water and groundwater, a variety of toxic substances in the environment far exceeded the chromium compounds in drinking water than the standard World Health Organization nearly four times higher than the severe endanger people’s health. The Government of Pakistan has taken various measures in recent years to control pollution in leather industry. The establishment of tannery pollution control project Northeast of Kasur in Pakistan is an important base of leather, about one-third of the tanneries were built where the main production of sheep skin, leather and leather water. Currently the Government of Pakistan and the United Nations Industrial Development Organization established in Kasur Tannery Pollution Control Project, sought to control toxic chemicals promotional gifts through the use of materials, improve material recycling efficiency, sewage treatment and waste water and solid waste recycling and other methods, to achieve pollution control objectives. The establishment of this project includes the following steps: removal of tannery waste water tank; leather in three main areas to establish sewage and recycling systems; to establish a common tannery effluent treatment plant, and is equipped with laboratory training of local technicians to manage and operate; establish solid waste disposal systems, including landfill area, to deal with tannery solid waste treatment plant and discharged from the dry sludge. Construction Zone Tanning Pakistan Punjab government has invested 90 million rupees for the construction of tanning industrial area. Tannery Industrial Park covers an area of ??more than 300 acres, also will be equipped with sewage treatment plant for processing in the tannery emitted Wastewater and solid waste. The purpose of the establishment of the tannery district Sialkot city is trying to transfer all existing tannery to tannery industrial area, to reduce the tanning industry pollution. Currently in Sialkot city and the surrounding area has about 248 tanneries of different sizes, including nine large tannery, 79 medium and 160 small tanneries tannery. As the distribution of these tanneries messy, its pollution to the local people’s lives a serious threat to the Punjab government is determined to conduct a comprehensive treatment. Environmental education In order to improve people’s environmental awareness, Pakistan carried out a series of people to environmental education activities, so that we understand the environment of hazardous substances on the human body. Therefore, the Pakistani government from the tannery to improve the level of existing technology, management and environmental knowledge to start, to ensure Wholesale kids clothes the sustainable development of leather industry. In addition, the government also Kasur regions ? other related supporting activities such as volunteerism for Huanbao training, establishment of environmental education center, providing people with free promotional materials and manuals, carry out environmental protection in ?? contests. Lack of momentum leather industry In the past a very long time, Pakistan’s exports of finished leather has been on the decline, the Pakistani government is eager to tanning businesses in the 2006-2007 fiscal year budget to increase the incentives for the leather industry to take effective measures to promote leather industry, but the Pakistani government in the formulation of budget Shique ignore this. Although in recent years Pakistan’s tannery and exporters of leather tried various methods to strengthen their export industries, but has gradually increased the cost of leather production, leather exports will inevitably show a downward trend. Chrome tanning agent three times the price increase, an unprecedented rise in crude oil prices, rising wages, equipment costs increase, these factors have led to Pakistan’s leather industry in the international market began to lose their competitive edge. At the same time, the Government of Pakistan every year to develop new export policy, this is not conducive to the production and the overall development of the industry, the authorities should also urge the Government to develop a valid export policy for at least three years, so investors and producers can develop a long-term production plan. In addition, 17 August 2006, Pakistan Customs import and export coefficient body (IOCO) through the SRO-838 (1 / 2006) resolution declaring the goat leather and sheep leather export tax rebate from 1.56% to 1.24%, leather and buffalo leather export tax rebate from 2.5% to 1.64%, leather furniture, the export tax rebate reduction from 4.13% to 2.9%, leather garment export tax rebate cut from 5.17% to 3.22%, and other leather products export tax rebate also have different degree of reduction, which is Pakistan’s leather industry is undoubtedly worse.

  • Since the beginning of this year, hope cattle town stepped up efforts to intensify the police by technology, and enhanced from time to time on the complex parts of technical prevention bukong released 12 video surveillance camera systems, video surveillance attacking various illegal and criminal campaign, currently, the town public security video surveillance cameras had reached 57, simply complete the order full cover video surveillance system.According to the survey, this year, the town invested more than 1 million yuan in added 12 new key sections of a video surveillance camera systems throughout Dragnet under attack within the town limits of various illegal and criminal. Currently, the town has been installed to complete 57 security video surveillance cameras, law and order in the town within 24 hours throughout the day monitoring of the dynamics, initial set mask the town video wireless ip camera surveillance systems.Press Conference today in sight cattle town Security Chief of public security video surveillance system seen in the Middle, the town of 57 a security video surveillance “electronic eye”, the first primary streets, ronghua lots, concentrated in the area, such as towns and villages in remote area of the junction track of income and expenditure. These “electronic eye” video cameras in addition to a 24-hour security dynamics of individual monitoring points make a 360-degree look around outside, you can pre set, rental housing, industrial areas, while waiting for more intensive active Sentinel monitoring Bose 301 Series v and so on, you can also manually adjust interval distance, monitor suspicious people on the road in time, the criminal acts not escape a little bit of monitoring police high eye.According to the survey, since the beginning of this year, monitoring of total help police solve nearly 10 cases, suspects were arrested about 20 people, stronger attacks, to deter all kinds of the arrogance of criminals, greatly enhance people’s sense of safe travel.

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  • Company News: Industry Impact: Infineon Technologies (Infineon Technologies) in a recent press conference with the media industry in Taiwan share the latest trends in energy efficiency and energy saving technology, will be in growing importance of energy for the issues and the development of a detailed technical report, and Infineon by introducing the latest generation of CoolMOS C6 series and applications, indicating the company’s energy efficiency and enhance the contribution of energy-saving technologies and breakthroughs. In view of the world’s energy demand has increased annually, the world’s major countries, in addition Electronic Components Distributors to actively developing alternative energy sources, but also the main application for the development of regulations and incentive programs, specifications, or by encouraging the use of advanced electronic components, to achieve the goal of improving energy efficiency . 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As a global power supply components maker, Infineon is committed to the development of key technologies to improve energy efficiency; response to increasingly stringent energy efficiency standards, Infineon recently released the latest generation of CoolMOS C6 power transistors, and third-generation silicon carbide ( SiC) technology, both in power factor correction (PFC) or pulse-width modulation (PWM) design applications such as power, can help improve power conversion efficiency, reduce development time and cost, enhance product value and competitiveness. Infineon’s latest 600V CoolMOS C6 series combines high-performance MOSFET before CoolMOS C3 and CoolMOS CP generation of technology, to achieve the industry’s lowest on-resistance. New components have the “self-limiting feature to prevent rapid changes in current di / dt and voltage dv / dt, in order to maintain a more pure power, not only easy to use, can easily by an external gate resistor to adjust and control . In the emerging solid state lighting and a variety of power supply design, CoolMOS C6 can achieve higher performance. The CoolMOS C6 series of applications is quite extensive, covering for the personal computer, notebook computer or mobile phone power supply and inverter, high voltage discharge xenon headlights (HID) lighting applications, monitors, TVs and game consoles and other consumer products. Infineon Technologies developed the third generation thinQ! Silicon technology is significantly reduced rubber thickness of tin, tin glue itself to reduce the resulting thermal resistance, thereby greatly enhancing thermal performance. Infineon industrial and multi-Dianzi Division Engineer Ng Wing Fai, senior director, said: “This series using the third generation of SiC power diode technology developed IC Suppliers with the use of TO-220 ? DPAK (TO0252) package, ? will give the performance of new power semiconductor benchmark. “Promoting Climate Savers program (Climate Saver Initiative) on the PC power supply efficiency requirement increased each year, in 2010, is to promote the 50% load efficiency can reach 90% target (July 2009 target 88%); Ng Wing Fai said that this represents the PC power supply design, must be thinking of existing low-cost, higher value towards the design of play direction. this trend for the power semiconductor industry has brought new development opportunities for the different areas ? ? different energy needs, offering enables differentiated high-performance solutions. Ng Wing Fai emphasized that in the past in many power conversion design, and semiconductor technology does not use too much, especially in the motor control areas, such as household appliances or industrial applications, even in the lighting field, there is a great deal of room for improvement. Products in the global electricity consumption in motor control that is 55%, lighting also accounted for 21% of these areas, there are from 25% to 40%, ranging from energy efficiency improvement. These applications can play a role in semiconductor technology is the place. For example, in the popular LED lighting applications, Infineon’s intelligent control chip and CoolMOS lamp ballast technology can help improve the lighting system performance. Infineon combines the PWM control chip and CoolMOS the CoolSET F3 series components for 5 ~ 30W LED light provides a constant current-driven solutions. According to the PIDA statistics, the global LED street lights from 2007 to 2009, shipments were 460,000, 450,000 and 1,460,000; market were 755 million, 410 million and $ 816 million. A significant jump from 2009 shipments and market value perspective, LED lights showing a fast growth, rapid decline in demand but the price of market characteristics. Therefore, both high light efficiency and energy conversion efficiency and can reduce the cost of lighting design solutions, is the key to the development of LED lighting needs. “The advanced technology and control the power semiconductor chip, is the key to energy savings from environmental protection and economic point of view, the electronic product design, use more power semiconductors, will bring greater benefits; Lorenz said. With the new generation CoolMOS C6, the third generation of SiC diode technology, designed specifically for solar power converter modules, and OptiMOS series components, Infineon Technologies to support the latest energy-saving regulations around the world, to help manufacturers in response to various environmental specifications requirements. R & D and will continuously develop new and better products for environmental protection, the BUY Electronic Components best use of the earth’s resources, continue to introduce leading products.

  • Industry Impact: Giant from the global solar energy industry’s investment makes the German photovoltaic industry achieved steady growth in 2009, its total installed capacity of 3.8 GW of installed capacity, or half of the new so in this area is a world leader. US-based First Solar Inc., Through its manufacturing plant in Frankfurt investment is $ 20,000 million of expansion, making it an investment in this area holds a leading position. Electronic Components Suppliers The world’s largest manufacturer of thin-film solar modules by expanding its production capacity to 446 megawatts, making this type of manufacturing plant in Europe’s largest. First Solar’s expansion plans in Germany so far this year, the maximum amount of foreign investment, but the program also received about $ 36.2 million of government incentives. French-based Avancis GmbH in the German city of Torgau to build a new plant, the plant in 2012 after the completion of each year will reach 100 megawatts of capacity. The plant will be Avancis in Germany made use of copper indium gallium selenide thin-film solar panels of the second manufacturing plant. German companies IC Suppliers invest in this area is not far behind, such as: SolarWorld AG is building an investment of $ 422.6 million of new production plants. The plant is located in the city Freiburg, the end of the year the world’s largest integrated manufacturer of solar wafers of its production capacity of 750 MW. Juwi Solar Inc. In the town near the BUY Electronic Components city of Leipzig Brandeis to open a new plant, the plant will employ 80 new workers. German trade and investment, said the German solar industry to benefit from the research and development of high-density institutions, but also has the infrastructure, suppliers and labor resources, a comprehensive network. The investment promotion agency also believes that the German manufacturer should be more concerned about this large and rapidly growing market through brand recognition and reputation, it has a greater competitive advantage.

  • “Install a swing shelf as an Dress up a library full of fake green grass Billy. Emphasize more the fantasy of your new shelf and put it on stage by suspending a swing by way of shelf. Then install a decorative Floor fountains object of your choice that you would like to highlight. Fantasy in the Garden Level: Medium Time to complete: 3:00 Indicative Cost: 102.50 euros Materials needed: – A rectangle of lawn 3 x 2 m = 67.60 euros -1 Gnome = 5.90 euros -1 = 6 euros boat rope -1 Crude wooden board = 2 euros -2 Channels = 3 euros -1 Rod kit = 8 euros -1 = Black spray paint 5 euros -1 Spray paint gold = 5 euros Step 1: Billy customize the library – Cut a piece of artificial turf in an amount the size of the library. – The paste with double-sided. – Increase in the staples on the edge. – Proceed in the same way inside and outside to completely cover the library lawn. Step 2: Setting the scene Billy – Measure the inside width of the Billy. – The reporter on a wooden board. – Sawing to size. – Sand then the angles of the board. – Draw a marker at the 4 corners of the board new saw, 1.5 cm from the edge. – Drill a hole on each mark. – Pass a rope inside the hole to create a swing. – Bomber a garden gnome in gold and a lantern. – Bomber the swing and the rope in black and 2 chains and 2 carabiners. – Attach a rod cut to size within bird baths the library. – Pass the two chains around the rod and hang the swing with two carabiners. – Install the garden gnome on his swing. The more decorative: Like a contemporary installation your new shelf will add a touch of fantasy and a touch of originality garden stakes to your decor. And to go even further, you can even hang small plastic daisies in a meadow effect trendy! Library Library front lawn lawn lawn Library Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Library Library lawn lawn lawn Library Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Library Library lawn lawn lawn Library Step 7 Step 8 Step 9 Library Library lawn lawn lawn Library Step 10 Step 11 Step Lawn Library 12 Library Library lawn lawn Step 13 Step 14 Step 15 Library Library lawn lawn lawn Library Step 16 Step 17 PreviousNext Before Your Library lawn description old library � photo credit: From Home Productions 0 (0 rating) Rate this picture You can rate this photo

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  • Mr. Stewart,

    I am writing in reply to your op-ed titled, “New York Post’s Comment Section Is Out Of Control,” dated March 7, 2012. I take great umbrage to your published assumptions.

    In your op-ed piece, you state in parenthesis following a quote of mine, “The underlying assumption, of course, would be that they’re black because they’ve committed a crime.” This is not only false, but it constitutes intentional libel.

    When I wrote of the individuals, “”Yet two more fine Obama supporters make the news,” I was referring to their economic standing….their being poor, underprivileged, and forced to commit acts that otherwise wouldn’t happen if only we shared the wealth in this country and redistributed income. That, as they would agree, is a belief that President Obama holds dear, and if we had precious redistribution of wealth in this country, these individuals would not be forced to commit illegal acts. There is no question that they support this position, and thus, they are Obama supporters. I cannot speak for the other posters on the forum – I am merely speaking for myself.

    Furthermore, I simply referred to them as being, “fine,” out of respect for them. Their lower standing on the economic scale does not serve as a measure of their personal character, as any socially conscious citizen would agree (Note how my assumptions give benefit of the doubt and harbor no ill will).

    However, you crassly and without regard to journalistic standards, concluded that I wrote my statement due to some racist belief. Had you bothered to contact me and asked my position, you would have found out otherwise….but you chose the low road of flamethrowing journalism.

    Should you choose to publish either a redaction of your conclusion and/or a written apology, I would be willing to put the entire episode behind me. I do this in the interest of fairness, which is more of a courtesy than you have offered to me.

    I suggest you (again) read the code of journalistic ethics/standards and refrain from inflicting character assassination against others and/or pursuing some fanatical personal agenda that doesn’t apply.

    Marc Tirrento

  • “Code of ethics”? Go back and read the absolute garbage you call your opinion and tell me this writer didn’t characterize you exactly. You are a filthy animal and once again, I pity you.

  • Jeff Allen: Your words are worse than any comment on the NY Post Comments Section.

    Mr Henry Stewart: Do people who agree with you (like Mr Allen) make you proud? If so, let us know. If not, condemn his words. Make sure you can look yourself in the mirror after you make your decision.

  • Hey, Murderer of Truth, some of us do agree with Mr. Allen, some of us indeed believe you bray like a filthy animal. Your threats of litigation over “libel” are without merit and demonstrate your superficial grasp of things–you are eloquent but not substantive. Are you threatening the readers of L Magazine with some further absurdity on your part? Bring it. Gideon lives inside this motherfucker here, and you’ll find Mr. Stewart got some back.

  • Dennisisned: Did I threaten litigation? Or, do you prove my point about false assumptions being rampant on this site?

    You will have to give me a little time to think of a befitting response to your well thought out and articulate comments. Judging from your wit and mastery of the English language, I can now see that Mr Stewart must maintain a very high bar of journalistic integrity to appeal to savvy readers such as yourself.

  • Don’t play coy instead of fool: “libel” is specifically litigious. It has no meaningful existence in linguistics outside of the legal domain, so when you SPELL the letters L I B E L you mean “lawsuit.” So please. What you are is a cardboard-cutout New York Post projectionist, amateurish at best, when you write of “false assumptions.” You began your introduction into these comments threads with “false assumption”: that there exists a “radical personal agenda” against a light-of-day examination into the body of your comments on the Internet. So again, please.

  • Dennisisned: I had no idea you had a law degree. I should have guessed, based on your ability to communicate with such scope and depth.

    Your captivating thoughts, however, whether by purpose or not, justify my “radical personal agenda” comment. Using adjectives such as “cardboard-cutout,” “projectionist,” and “amateurish,” are often used by those whom have nothing to add, other than attempts to demean the opines of others and to deflect from the topic at hand. The origin of this practice is credited to none other than a radical with an agenda, Saul Alinsky, and such practice amounts the equivalent of a three year old child holding a temper tantrum and spouting any derogatory word/phrase known to him/her.

    Perhaps, one as worldly as yourself had simply a momentary lapse and didn’t intentionally mean to stoop to that level, and if so, I will forgive and forget. Or, perhaps it was intentional, which would be much to my chagrin based on the esteem I hold for you. I’ll keep an open mind and not make a false assumption.

    Having stated my position, I now have little to add. I bid you adieu.

  • To your adieu, goodbye. Everything else you’ve written merits no response. I’ll return to the libel issue–since you’re also somewhat but only somewhat versed in semiotics. Because of your syntax and grammar and the diligent but not convincing construction of your bromides one would be led to believe you’re in fact not a provocative person and do not merit identification as a “racist.” But semiotics, but more simply, “messages” do not simply inhabit orthographies, “words.” In his Poetics Aristotle taught whenever a conflict arises between language and paralanguage that the recipient of a communication will always defer to paralanguage. So if I say I am a peaceful person while I am pounding you with fists you will most certainly be inclined to listen to my punches, but one need not so radical a form. One can take a screenshot of your avatar right here on L Magazine alongside your flowery rhetoric and expose their deformity and be repelled by the crassness within. Now I don’t deny I am hurling polemic–indeed I am. So much so. And more. As long as you are here–you can count on It. That’s the difference between me and you and what makes you a projectionist–you’re doing what you’re accusing everyone else of doing while denying you’re doing It. I’m doing what you’re accusing me of doing and I don’t deny It. Psalm 130.1, motherfucker.

  • Dennisned: I did bid adieu, I was remiss. I forgot to mention one thing:

    I consider you to be a “Fine Obama supporter.” I guess that makes me a racist because I assume you’re white. Just ask Henry Stewart.

    And that, my friend, was the original subject of this thread. Matthew 6.1, “motherfucker.”

  • Of course the fact that I am NOT an Obama supporter will be lost on your swipe of “false assumptions.”

    Genesis 21:6: sehoq asah li elohim

    or, did He play it on you?

  • Dennisisned: Be careful. You’re white and you’re claiming to not be an Obama supporter. In Henry Stewart’s world, that would make you a racist, because I claim the same.

    Proverb 24:29.

  • To quote your initial post on this thread, Mr Tirrento:

    “When I wrote of the individuals, “”Yet two more fine Obama supporters make the news,” I was referring to their economic standing….their being poor, underprivileged, and forced to commit acts that otherwise wouldn’t happen if only we shared the wealth in this country and redistributed income. That, as they would agree, is a belief that President Obama holds dear, and if we had precious redistribution of wealth in this country, these individuals would not be forced to commit illegal acts. There is no question that they support this position, and thus, they are Obama supporters. I cannot speak for the other posters on the forum – I am merely speaking for myself.”

    First of all, how do you presume to know the economic standing of two rapists? The two assailants took no money — and if they had, your claim would still be spurious. They raped a 60-year old woman, took some files, and left. You may not be a racist, but the very fact that you assume that they are poor means you are in fact prejudiced in terms of class. For all you know, they may be the children of billionaires. Ever hear of Andrew Luster?

    Secondly (and yes, I am aware you are speaking with a heavy helping of hyperbole), I find it sickening and yet humorous that you will not presume to speak for other forum posters, but deftly assume the detailed political opinions of those who rape senior citizens.

  • The fact of the matter is those like “Marc Tirrento” enjoy posting their subtle racists comments when they believe there is a degree of anonymity but once their name has been plastered and their deeds exposes – all of a sudden they backpeddle. Typical behaviour from a coward. Also, to assume that only the poor elected Obama is ridiculous just as his claim in the POST that the crowds of Obama supporter will come after others when he looses in November – oh wait, HE WON!!! LOL

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