The Walkmen Record A Balls-Out Mash Up Of U2 Covers

03/07/2012 1:59 PM |


When studio time is running out and a recording session gets increasingly frustrating, some musicians choose to take a smoke break or refresh the six pack supply. Not The Walkmen. After announcing on Wednesday that their seventh studio album was finally finished, the band also gave the world some insight as to how they deal with stress. The Walkmen posted an exuberant four-minute jam of U2 covers that happened as a result of “spontaneous outburst of frustration that occurred during the very rigorous sessions.” Unknown to the band, Phil Ek, their producer, (also producer of Fleet Foxes’ Helplessness Blues and The Shins’ Wincing The Night Away) recorded and mixed the mash up, which you can listen to on their blogspot.

Hi everyone. Our album is finally done and we’re thrilled with it. We can’t wait to get it out there.

To celebrate the huge amount of hard work that went into it, we’re sharing this embarrassing recording of a spontaneous outburst of frustration that occurred during the very rigorous sessions. It’s our way of blowing off steam I guess. Please forgive us. Producer Phil Ek recorded it on the sly actually.

None of us really remembered it until the last day of mixing when Phil—who by that point had also lost his mind—sat down and patiently mixed it. Enjoy. []

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