Wall Street Has A Goofy New Workout

03/23/2012 2:59 PM |


It looks like Wall Streeters really are beginning to care about the 99%…lean beef. The Atlantic Wire drew our attention to a gem of a new Wall Street workout video, courtesy of Bloomberg News. The 20-minute routine is called “JCore” and was developed by Jay Cardiello, 50 Cent’s personal trainer. Bloomberg’s Stephanie Ruhle visited the trading floor to check out JCore for herself—the result involves a lot of squatting, sweating and trading lingo turned into corny workout aphorisms (“Market’s going up! Your heart rate’s going up!”). After all, working in the financial district does seem like it can be rough on the digestive system—all those “red wine and steak dinners,” the poor dears. But hey, why not challenge yourself to do some JCore? Push that chair away from your desk and watch the video in a low, calorie-burning squat (after the jump).