Watch Twin Shadow Do a Stellar Peter Gabriel Cover

03/15/2012 1:37 PM |


No, this is not concerning an of-the-minute transmission from Austin, but instead recently posted footage from Los Angeles at the end of 2011. It’s George Lewis, aka new-new waver Twin Shadow, doing a gorgeous, solemn cover of Peter Gabriel’s 1977 torch song, “Here Comes the Flood.” It was filmed, beautifully, at some dead of winter pool party for the British fashion label Mulberry (sigh). The Mulberry folks just got around to posting the very high-grade clip this week, though for some reason they disabled the ability to embed it, which even screws up their own blog post. (I saw the link today at Under the Radar, myself.) But you can, and should, go watch it on You Tube directly. Though Twin Shadow has been lumped in with chillwave (I want to stop using that “word” badly) the crisp, sad clarity of his take on the song is ample proof that Lewis has vocal chops that in no way need to be concealed by layers of haze or wispy reverb. He’s a pop singer. A good one. (A new record is expected some time this year.)

And, man, I want to be totally respectful because of how good I genuinely think this sounds, but I have one comment about his hair and outfit…and…I…cannot…contain…it. He looks likes the Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz marriage combined into a single person! Phew. Sorry, George.