10 Songs Pulp Almost Definitely Will Not Play in NYC This Week

04/10/2012 1:10 PM |


Tonight and tomorrow Pulp play Radio City Music Hall, their first New York shows in 14 years. As the band have only played our city three times before — total — and Jarvis hasn’t done any Pulp songs during his solo visits, it’s kind of a big deal. You know you’re going to get “Common People” and “Disco 2000” and “This is Hardcore” and “Do You Remember the First Time” and most of their other most loved songs. None of this ten song Bizzaro world Greatest Hits are likely to be played, but would be welcome surprises between “Sorted for Es and Whiz” and “Babies.” Don’t count them out entirely, though. I originally was going to include “Like a Friend” from the Great Expectations soundtrack on this list but then they played it last night on Jimmy Fallon. Maybe there’s hope for “Mile End” yet.

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  • I agree about most of these songs although My Lighthouse made the set list at Albert Hall last week. And Help the Aged is too good to leave off

  • Well, “We Are the Boys,” from the Velvet Goldmine OST, obviously.

  • I hope they skip “Common People”, that song is totally played out.

  • doubt I’ll get the “Dishes” I want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vX4_z_8qx8Q

  • Mark, I almost included “We are the Boys”… Pulp did good soundtrack.

    And I kind of agree about “Common People” but in the moment I’m sure it’s still awesome.

    As to “Lighthouse,” I sorta feel like that’s too obscure for America. But then maybe so is everything except Different Class.

  • Well, they played Live Bed Show last night at Radio City. Just about the only song of theirs I don’t like. They played just about all of common people and his n hers. I would have liked to have heard more from We Love Life but I guess they had to give the people what they want and play the loud rousing songs to be heard above the screamers. But, whatever, it was still an AMAZING show. Jarvis’s voice still sounds great, the bad was so tight, and they all gave their all, transferring all that energy to the audience and got us on their feet…

  • You are all crazy re: Live Bed Show. Great song.