7 Things Brooklyn Did First

04/09/2012 8:59 AM |

Coney Islands Switchback Railway was Americas first roller coaster ride.

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  • Coney Island’s Switchback Railway was America’s first roller coaster ride.

Sometimes it feels like a person can’t walk two feet in this town without overhearing a conversation that deals in one-upping: “I was the one who first re-discovered harem pants,” “I lived here before it got expensive,” or “I listened to Fiona Apple every day in the five year hiatus before her touring comeback.” But we were curious—what has Brooklyn, collectively, accomplished before any place else? In that same spirit of one-uppery (or inquisitiveness, really), we looked at some of the borough’s achievements and inventions to see for ourselves. Turns out that Brooklynites really do have a historical legacy of wearing provocative pants.