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04/12/2012 3:13 PM |

Josephs Cordial, by Suzanne Stroebe. Photo courtesy Parallel Art Space.

  • Joseph’s Cordial, by Suzanne Stroebe. Photo courtesy Parallel Art Space.

Yesterday afternoon I shared with you my very high recommendation to attend the opening of Andrew Hurst’s solo exhibit at English Kills this Saturday. There are a few other openings going on in the same general environs that evening, so in the event that you’re looking to do some deeper events-planning, here are some additional items to add to your agenda.

One of the other openings is at Parallel Art Space, the new manifestation of the gallery formerly known as Camel Art Space. Their new location will be christened on Saturday with an exhibit called Alter Minimal. Aiming to expand—or if I may, complicate—the minimalist, post-minimalist dialogue, the exhibition will feature works by Clinton King, Lance Lankford, Gary Petersen, Suzanne Stroebe and Andrew Zarou.

Another opening is at 950 Hart Gallery, located not too far away at its eponymous address. Their opening reception is for an exhibit called Everything That Rises Must Converge, which will feature work by six different photographers, all of whom aim their gazes at their neighborhoods in search of surroundings-scoping and self-probing visions.

Ladyfoot 4, by Brent Owens. Photo courtesy Storefront Bushwick.

  • Ladyfoot 4, by Brent Owens. Photo courtesy Storefront Bushwick.

Should you be in the area earlier in the afternoon, make it a point to stop by Storefront Bushwick to see the current exhibits before they come down. In the front room is still standing… sort of, an exhibit of sculptures by Kirk Stoller, whose fusion of a range of different elements in curiously concatenated formations results in objects that are not unlike abstract paintings with an additional dimension. The back room is taken over by Brent Owens’ usually web-based brainchild, Knickerbocker Mini Maw, an installation that is chock full of occasionally tongue-in-cheek tchotchke-like trinketries by Owens, Rachael Morrison, David Pappaceno and Don Pablo Pedro.

Also, eateries and bars are plentiful between and around all of these places, in case you care to make it a long day of art and food and getting gradually wasted.

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  • Thank you for the Parallel mention! That’s quite a roster & one that we’re honored to be on! I didn’t know about the Brent Owens show! Definitely going to make an extra effort to see that one! Cheers!