Andrew Hurst at English Kills Art Gallery

04/11/2012 5:28 PM |

SYD TV, by Andrew Hurst. Photo by Rob Peyrebrune courtesy English Kills Art Gallery.

  • SYD TV, by Andrew Hurst. Photo by Rob Peyrebrune. Courtesy English Kills Art Gallery.

We are expecting a rather extraordinary exhibit, a rather massive crowd and a rather wonderful gathering overall at English Kills this Saturday for the opening of Andrew Hurst’s solo exhibition. We rather highly recommend that you attend.

Hurst is perhaps best known for his works in collage and variably sculptural assemblage. Or he’s perhaps best known for his often music-based performances. Some might know him best for his works in design and poster art. Others might know him for his video work.

Those who know his work in all such mediums and facets know that it always has grit and is always strong.

Expect nothing less for his forthcoming one-man display. In fact, you might expect something along the lines of much more, as we have good reason to believe that he’s been upping the stakes of late with larger works and new modes of creative tweaks and torques.

The opening reception is this Saturday, April 14th, from 6-10pm.

We’ll be seeing you there.

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