Bike Racks to Replace Parking Meters

04/13/2012 3:23 PM |

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  • Something like this

When I was a kid, street furniture was mostly pay phones and parking meters. But soon such artifacts will have gone the way of the trolley pole. Pay phones are set to be replaced with tablet-like computers, and parking meters will become obsolete with the introduction of the muni-meter system. What to do with the extra space on the sidewalk without those parking meters? The city has offered merchants on Bay Ridge’s Third Avenue to have them converted into bike racks, Brooklyn Daily reports.

Local business owners and leaders support the plan, which they say should bring in more cycling consumers to their restaurants and stores. Bay Ridge has recently opposed biking infrastructure, leading Brooklyn Daily to suppose the plan would have opponents, though it didn’t find any. Who would oppose something so harmless?

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[HT Bay Ridge Odyssey]