Brooklyn Brewery Debuts New Beer, The Brooklyn Gold Standard Export

04/18/2012 1:30 PM |


Brooklyn Brewery hosted a special event last night, introducing the newest addition to their stellar Brewmaster’s Reserve Series, the Brooklyn Gold Standard Kellerbier. The Kellerbier is a lager style we don’t see much around here (with the strange exception of Alpine Spring, Sam Adams’ largely unimpressive and of course widely available current seasonal offering). Traditionally, the style is unfiltered, cold fermented over a longer than usual period of time, and known for its balance of subtle malts and hops. Gold Standard is a faithful interpretation that forgoes just a bit of that subtly for bolder flavors than expected.

The gently carbonated beer pours a cloudy golden color with a bright white, one-finger head that sticks around for a bit. The aroma is bright and floral, the German and Czech hop varieties standing out more than the malts. On the tongue, though, at least after the initial bite of the hops, it’s the pleasantly bready malts that take over, eventually giving way to a lingering bitterness. Gold Standard clocks in at just over 6% ABV, so it’s certainly pretty drinkable. It’s no small feat that this beer is a worthy addition to the generally more challenging Brewmaster’s Reserve series while also being as a approachable as it is.

Gold Standard will start showing up on tap at many of the city’s better beer bars over the next couple weeks, so be on the lookout. For now, take a look at photos from last night’s event…