Brooklyn Journalist Is Looking for a Woman Who Dislikes Ryan Gosling on Craigslist

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04/05/2012 9:48 AM |

Is it even physically possible to dislike Ryan Gosling?

  • Is it even physically possible to dislike Ryan Gosling?

A Boerum Hill resident posted an ad to the “Men Seeking Women” section of Craigslist earlier today, not in an attempt to hook up with the rare “chick who’s down with getting freaky while I eat a meatball sandwich,” but to find an even more elusive female: the kind that doesn’t like Ryan Gosling.

He wrote, “I’m looking for a few women who DISLIKE the actor Ryan Gosling for an article that I’m writing. The interview can be over email, and your name can be changed if you wish. [Ed. Note: if news got out that you hated Baby Goose, you’d be blacklisted and hated by everyone ever.] Again, you must DISLIKE this guy and/or his movies/acting.” He then posted a photo of Gosling, most recently seen saving a woman’s life, totally nullifying any bad feelings anyone might have about the guy.

My guess on the mystery journalist: T.J. Fantini, formerly of the Mickey Mouse Club, who’s upset that he’s not Gosling or Justin Timberlake. Either that, or someone who HATES the fact that he likes The Notebook. Probably that one.


[via Videogum]