Bushwick DJ Wins Beethoven Remix Contest

04/17/2012 2:08 PM |

Oh yeah, bringing this image back!

  • Oh yeah, bringing this image back!

A Bushwick-based DJ won the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s “Beethoven Remix Project.” DJ Eddie Marz’s remix of the Eroica Symphony’s last movement, which he calls “Ill Harmonic,” beat out four other finalists; it will be arranged by composer Andrew Norman (a recent Pulitzer finalist) and performed at the orchestra’s Bed-Stuy concert series in June. The orchestra plans to burn 2,000 mix-tape CDs of all five finalists plus the original movement, which it will distribute for free at the concert.

Listen for yourself:

“It’s a brilliant remix,” artistic director Alan Pierson said in a press release. “I love DJ Eddie Marz’s obsessive fixation on two Beethoven riffs, which he juxtaposes in ways Beethoven never would have imagined. It’s exactly the sort of thing I was hoping this Remix Project would lead to: a fantastically original use for Beethoven’s musical ideas. And his remix has already totally changed the way I hear the Beethoven—I can’t listen to that movement awithout hearing in those riffs the potential for what Eddie Marz has created.”

Marz is now working on an album called Ill Harmonic feat. Beethoven, which will feature 15 tracks—both with MCs and without—using samples from Beethoven’s Third.