Grand Army Plaza Bike Lane Revived

04/04/2012 8:58 AM |

More bike lane, please

  • More bike lane, please

Plans for another two-way bike lane that had been shelved amid the hullabaloo over the lane on Prospect Park West have been revived, the Brooklyn Paper reports. The department of transportation will introduce a proposal to add a northbound lane to Plaza Street West’s current southbound-only bike path, providing a crucial connector to the Prospect Park West lane. (Cyclists who currently travel north on that route run out of bike lane.)

The lane expansion had been suggested two years ago as part of a larger rehabilitation of Grand Army Plaza, but was later withdrawn. The city said the scope of the project was too large, or something; critics contended that the DOT was scared off after a minority group of well connected opponents to the PPW bike lane brought on negative press and angry letters. The actual lawsuit against the lane, however, was dismissed in August.

The DOT will unveil two separate proposals at a community board meeting in two weeks—one for a protected lane, separated from automobile traffic, and another that’s unprotected. Um, the former, please.

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