Has Walmart Blown It in NYC?

04/24/2012 11:30 AM |

Too bad!

  • Too bad!

Over the weekend, the Times published a whopping 8,000 words charging Walmart executives with systematically bribing Mexican officials and then covering it up. “The question is whether it will be fatal to [the company’s] plans here,” Crain’s columnist Greg David writes. “The answer is likely to be yes.”

Walmart has been jonesing to open a store within the five boroughs—most likely in Brooklyn—since at least April 2010. The company has the support of the mayor, who has “been a big supporter of the government not telling people where they can do business,” but it has sworn enemies in labor unions and the city council.

In February of last year, the council held a hearing on the matter:

Councilmember Charles Barron called the company a “roving plantation.” “There are no slaves in East New York,” he said. “We will not be your slave workers.”

The thinking has been that if Walmart wants to open a store in New York City, it better do it while Mayor Moneybags is still in office. But with the new esc√°ndalo de Mexico, the company has to wait to renew its push until the whole thing blows over—by which time Bloomberg will likely be counting his money in Aruba, and it’ll be a lot trickier to get Mayor Quinn or Mayor Thompson or whomever to accommodate the big-box retailer. OH WELL.

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  • New York City is absolutely NO place for Wal-Mart or ANY giant box store. It is dense and walkable. And we LIKE it that way, and we want to KEEP it that way. That’s why we LIVE here. If we wanted a lifestyle of giant stores and shopping malls, we would live in the suburbs for a lot less money. Why do you think we are willing to pay these ridiculous rents? Because it ISN’T like the suburbs, that’s why. Why does Mayor Bloomberg want New York City to be like the suburbs? We are the URB. Not the SUB-urb.

  • So furious. Mike Bloomberg says government cant tell people where they can do business, but the people living here CAN, and I say Walmart needs to look elsewhere. They do NOT have my permission to do business here, or anyone else’s for that matter… clearly since they had some bribing to do. Suburban folk who moved here need to to move back if they think they can sway the politics of all this in favor of NYC Walmart, because the rest of us are not having it.

  • I want Walmart in Brooklyn. The reason why we live in the urban Brooklyn areas is because there are more jobs then the suburbs. Things are more expensive and we are living from pay checks to pay checks. Employers are not following the guide of C.O.L.A. It’s not getting better and It’s not getting better. Business owners needs to buy from Walmart.!!!